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Listen to Jane Rutter- mystical flautist


Music finds a magical connect with the soul and the artists do play an important role in connecting with the audience. Jane Rutter is one such famous flautist who is famous for her flute playing skills. With a strong background in theater, music and sound, she counts as one of the most influential instrument artists in the world. she has been a prominent performer and she gives he audience reasons to give her a standing ovation in most of her concerts.

Listen to Jane Rutter live

Jane Rutter travels to many countries so that she can perform in front of her beloved audience from various places. She holds many events in a country and tries to connect with diverse people with her flute cover songs. She will visit India in July and will hold a number of events in various cities in India. All the flute music lovers must look out for the dates and book a ticket for her concert.

Learn flute from Jane Rutter

The flute enthusiasts can take lessons to play flute by the eminent and most famous flute player herself. She does hold regular classes for he interested students. She , along with her team teaches people professional skills that help get ready to play professionally and convincingly. A student can learn sound and music technique too as she has roots in the fields as well. Her basic reason to give music lessons is because she finds music soothing her soul