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Foods that keep you hydrated

As easy as it may sound, drinking eight glasses of water every day may seem to be an overwhelming task on some days. So, here’s a catch. You don’t always have to drink water; as the old rule of thumb suggests eight glasses of water each day. Your daily water intake can also come from solid foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Here are some hydrating foods and fortunately Wisejug has the best diet plans which incorporate these water weight foods.


It’s 95% water and has one of the highest water content compared to other solid foods. It’s absolutely perfect for salads or can be sliced up with some chicken breast.


Like other high water content foods, celery is low in calories and high in fibre content. Not only will it keep you hydrated, it will also help to control your appetite. In addition, it provides your body with vitamin A, C and K as well.


Slice them up in your salads, pile it up in your sandwich or dice them up for some tomato puree. Thanks to the high water content of tomatoes it can help to neutralize the stomach acid.

Iceberg Lettuce

It has high water content and may be side-lined due to other leafy greens like spinach. But, this crispy iceberg lettuce is just what you need when the temperature rises.