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Blush Or Bronzer- Which Is Better?

For all those who are not familiar with bronzers are often confused as to the difference between these two makeup products and often in choosing which one is better for them, here is a guide to help you choose. These products are designed to add colour to your face, and give you a healthy glow, but more often than not, choosing the wrong one ruins your look.


  • Sun-kissed versus Sunburned

While a blush is designed to give your cheeks a flushed, natural look, a bronzer is used to give a sun-kissed one. Your bronzer is to be used not just on cheeks, but on the forehead, nose and chin. Using one with shimmer allows you to get a burst of radiance. Using a blush in these places will make you look sunburned.

  • A fresh look

When you are trying to make your skin look fresh and awake, using a blush is ideal. Blushes in peach and pink tones, with little pigmentation can help you look naturally fresh and awake, giving you a fresh look. Bronzers don’t really work for this trick because they usually come in brown tones.

  • Contouring

Bronzers are often used for contouring because they are designed for the entire face. Using a blush for contouring will actually make you look sunburned. Bronzers without shimmer can actually help you contour because they can add shadows to your face, doubling as a contour powder.

  • Combining the two

Combining both products with Mineral makeup helps you give an overall natural finish, with blush highlighting your cheeks, and adding a hint of pink tones, while a bronzer can help you emphasize the areas or features you like. However, blending them both perfectly is essential.

Use these products wisely; give yourself the perfect look every day.