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Avoid Problems Painting Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

Anyone with older aluminum siding is well aware of the paint chalking problem. Simply rub your hand along the old siding and the chalky old paint will be all over your hands. Trying to get paint to adhere to this can be a issue that is real. This is a result of oxidation of the paint. Siding manufacturers originally referred to the dilemma as a “benefit”. They called it, “self cleaning”, as the paint literally washed off the home.

Older vinyl siding is also an issue. UV light fades vinyl siding over time and the siding becomes very unsightly.

Builders and unfortunate homeowners have experienced the dismay, when they repainted their homes to obtain the paint peeling off. The two issues with old aluminum and vinyl siding may be overcome with re-painting, surface preparation and appropriate cleaning.


You’ll have to lease a pressure washer. You are going to need a pressure washer potent enough to remove any grime buildup , to eliminate the majority of the fashioned paint.

Begin at the top course of siding and work your way down. You’ll have to keep the pressure wand fairly to remove the paint. In some regions, you might discover that the paint comes off into the metal. Be careful near doors, corners, soffits and windows. Behind harm being caused by those regions the water under stress, can be pressured. It’s possible to add the reservoir to get mould, algae or other grime and TSP or cleaning solutions. Should you use a cleaning solution, make sure you totally rinse off it with your pressure washer. You must let your house before moving to the painting procedure to dry for many days in sunny weather.

If you’re currently repainting vinyl aluminum siding or vinyl siding, you might require a coating de-glosser. This really is a type product used also to assist your coat to adhere and also to remove any shine. You’ll not have any trouble locating a good.


I enjoy a type airless sprayer. It’ll draw on the paint directly by means of the nozzle and to your spray gun. All these are available to rent at many tool rental places and some paint. It’ll be thicker than ordinary latex paint and will need a airless sprayer, if your paint is top excellent latex.


This measure is equally as crucial as the measure above. In fact, surface preparation phases and the cleanup can break or make your project’s outcomes.

I enjoy a latex paint additive called. Emulsa-bond is a bond agent that you will increase the initial coating of primer or paint, to allow it to bond.

I buy the best quality exterior latex paint, instead of oil or solvent based paint. Latex paint appears to keep up with the growth and contraction of the siding. The excellent latex paint I purchase requires no primer. The bonding agent is added by me directly. Check with your paint supplier if not to use a primer. The guideline is, when in doubt, use a primer. Add the bonding agent should you use a primer. Additionally, there are bonding agents out there for solvent based paints or oil. 1 form is known as penetrol. These are offered at a painting contractor supply shop.

Prime areas will be spotted by contractors. I really don’t like spot since it may cause an irregular looking coat priming. I prime the house, as soon as I place a primer coat . This offers a uniform surface finish on.

Finish Coat

Your coat is going to be color. Whether you want a couple of top coats following the base 21, you should check to find out. Buy the best quality exterior paint as I mentioned previously.

In Conclusion

Proper cleaning and surface preparation are the two components to a successful painting project. A bond agent at the jacket is very essential to prevent paint peeling off on. Utilizing these techniques, I homes which have lasted.


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